Sunday, February 26, 2006


so we have to be outta our house by march 8th. It is now Feb 26th. We don't have a place lined up. We still have to pack most of the house. This Sat we have to have a yard sale. But I am not

The Olympics are over and have been fun to watch. I still love watching women's figure skating the most, but the speed skating (men's) was fun too. Only problem is some sites on the web give u the results before u can watch em on tv that night. Stupid.
This week 2 of my fav bands came and went and I didn't go. Ah well, catch em next time.
Guitar will be taking a slight backseat until we are settled somewhere. I think for the 2 months we are in some apartment or house, I will just play every night, no movies, games, etc.., and Joanna will be working on our giant floor mosaic which is turning out really cool.

So till next time, when- I don't know, signing off for now.


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