Saturday, June 07, 2008

k so I've been busy.

Twins will do that to you.
A lot has happened since february 2007, most of it is written in my wife's great blog about our children. See the links for where to go or:
What have I been up to? Besides being a daddy? Not much. Still playing guitar, that's about it.
band site:
my site:
my alter ego :

more updates to come I swear.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Brody Strummer Polling 6lbs
Katarina Lynn Polling 3.5 lbs
It is a blessing.
They spent 21 days in the nicu, jut for growth and eating issues with the boy.
Now they are home.
And life will never be the same.
After all we went through, the power of prayer and a testament to faith, this is.
K, that sounds like Yoda.
So now we just go day to day, and hope this gets easier.
It's day 3 and I wanna fast forward 6 mos.. ;)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

been a while..again

so it's day after Christmas and all I can think is how grateful I am our twins are still in utero and not delivered prematurely. At 25 weeks we learned that the girl had a umbilical cord issue where she had absent flow. Basically not getting as much nutrients, etc, blood flow.
So the Dr. had us all worried we were going to deliver at 27 weeks. If not earlier.
Well by the grace of God we are at 30 weeks tomorrow and we hope she defies the critics and we can go 32 or more. It is a nerve wracking mess. Every 4 days they check, and it is a heart attack each time, but lessening a little now that we are at least past 27 weeks. She needs to grow better however. Joanna is huge, which is fine, she goes to a jacuzzi 2 times a day to help with the blood flow issues. So we are grateful this Christmas to still have em cooking.My friend Barry married his fiance' Ce'cile this last friday, I couldn't go but I hope they are very happy together. And my friend Carlos and his lovely wife gave birth to a son. To think we are actually going to have to be responsible now is strange. Carlos and I have never been the type, but now we have to. It will be an experience.
The Bats are kind of on hiatus for now until this baby thing gets better. We will probably play after March or so.
I am a stressed out mess, but it will all be worth it.
Still miss the cats, it's weird without them.

Monday, October 09, 2006

an ode to nance, our last cat for a while

Well Another bad weekend.
Actually it was okay except for Friday, we had to put down our last furry friend.
Nance (Ann’s sister) was 18, she had been getting a litttle deranged since piewacket died, and she got really sick Wednesday on. She had the same signs that wacket had only she kept throwing up. Friday morning when I saw her laying in her litter box I knew it was time.
I feel somewhat numbed, because I just had to do this 3 mos. ago with Wacket.
Another teary trip to the vet, another sedation, then she was gone. Only she twitched a little afterwards, reflexes, or she was putting up a fight. Our house seems real empty now, soon it will have a couple babies, but it’s real quiet.
Friday night was cool, the Plastic Flappybats played artwalk again, and we did pretty good. It got my mind off of things for sure.
Saturday was no fun though, I tossed the litterbox, food bowls, away.
We will get another cat someday, but not right now.
I miss her, as well as Ann, and the Wack.
They were my kids for 18 years, a symbol of my independence, a responsibility I carried through on for a long time. I remember the day I got Ann and Nancy. Two little black and white kittens sitting in a pet store, scared to death. I knew I couldn’t take just one.
Nance, I love u sweety. We miss u.
I’ll remember
How skittish you were.
How you finally grew to accept wacket as yer brother,
and how u two would lay next to each other
Belly Rubs.
How u’d kiss me with yer stinky breath.
The Whisker tickles
Yer success in not going to the vet for 18 years.
Naps with you on the guest bed.
How u always would make us nap when we were in the bedroom.
How you’d meow when looking at lizards out the window.
The first kiss u gave Mom.
I miss u. It’s lonely without u guys.

Friday, September 01, 2006

k i hate mtv and the vma's

I don't know why I continue to watch awards shows. I like the oscars, but always end up watching grammys, emmys, and the mtv vma's.
I just get enraged during music award shows. 3/4 of the winners/ performers don't even play an instrument. As for hip hop, while there are a few artists I can tolerate, enough already. Why do these rap guys have to go out on stage with another rapper, are they scared to do it alone? It's just plain awful. Bring back Run DMC. Yet these guys make tons of money. Why? Because naive kids buy this crap. Now maybe I'm an old guy now, but when I was young I was introduced to bands, playing music. You know, guitars, drums, a bass, vocals... Lou Reed was right on this particular show when he said 'I'd like to see more Rock and Roll". Me too.
And every band on this show was an "Emo" band. I'm fairly sure you won't see "Panic at the Disco" releasing a double album in the next 2 years. These awards are for what's hot at the moment for 13 year olds. Ridiculous. And why do the Killers want to look like a bunch of porn actors now? I mean the seventies look is in but come on.
What a monumental waste of 3 hours, again. And Jack Black, you aren't funny. Give up.
While I'm at it you didn't do Carl Denham in King Kong well either. I do give u some props for hi fidelity (sp) and School of Rock.
Anyhoo. I hate MTV. And when's the last time you saw them actually play, I don't know, say, a music video?
And yet next year I'll watch them again.
In other news, Our twin pregnancy is such an emotional roller coaster, I don't know how people do this multiple times. With God's grace, things are going good, with a few scares that we hope go away. We are at 13 weeks. I will be in an asylum by March. I do my best to take care of Joanna because she is going through a lot.
September 11th is coming up. I'm a 9-11 junkie. I don't know why. Tragedy fascinates me. I need to know every detail. I have probably 35 different views of the plane hits/ collapse of the World Trade Center that I keep watching. I guess I keep rehashing it every year because I can't imagine myself being in the planes or the towers when they went down, but I try to. Weird I know. I just so remember that day, almost every detail. Once again I will get up early on Sept 11 and watch the names being read, I always do.

Friday, August 25, 2006

k stuck watchin dbacks game

so i'm about ready to turn in when i say to myself, gee how are the dbacks doin?
I'm not the #1 fan or anything, but I'm behind them. I was at game 7 when they won the world series, and to be at at a game 7, and win, that's a moment few have.
Anyway, they are playin the dodgers and in the top of the 14th tied 7-7.
so now i have to watch. I always get stuck watchin the late games.

may update who won, may not.

stuff that bugs me

people not paying attention driving w/ cell phones
movie theaters-kicked chairs, yapping, crinkly wrappers, cell phones
church- yapping, talking during communion, recently-kicked chair
guys whizzing past you, only to end up at the same stoplight you reach 3 mins later.
traffic, especially back ups for a change of tire viewing.
people who don't say thx for holding a door open
guys waiting in the ER for their friend, throwing fbombs every other word.
slow walkers i get stuck behind.
giant peple with no apparent handicaps, in motorized shopping carts, filling the cart with cheetos and soda.
walmart customers after 6am
dogs next door barking all night
girls who really don't have the belly shirt look but wear them anyway.
Etiquette ignorance (sp?)
more to come.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

found a bunch of calendars 88-94

Apparently at work back in the day I kept a record of what I was doing from 1988 - 1994
Weird. Weird to see how life changes. This will bore most people but I want a personal record.
I will list by category. The first, Concerts I went to from 88-94.
Wow. Did I go to a lot of shows.
2/7 Aerosmith, Dokken -Veteran's Memorial Coliseum
2/12 Guns N Roses- Celebrity Theater
2/14 Guns N Roses- Celbrity Theater-This one they cancelled, A BIG RIOT. I had 2nd row..
3/22 L.A. Guns - Studio West ?
4/6 Whitesnake, Great White -Compton Terrace
6/9 Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction- Mason Jar
7/9 Guns N Roses-somewhere
7/10 Guns N Roses- same place
7/15 Smashed Gladys
9/1 Smashed Gladys-again?
9/12 Aerosmith, Guns N Roses -Compton Terrace
10/6 Judas Priest- Compton Terrace
10/15 Precious Metal - Mason Jar- We were underage, still got in, met band, have pics, who cares
10/22 Cheap Trick at the fair
12/4 Metallica -Veteran's Memorial Coliseum
5/23 Precious Metal (all girl band, met them, very cool)
9/10 Metallica- Compton Terrace
9/29 Faster Pussycat, Dangerous Toys - Big Surf, Yep Big Surf.
10/5 L7 -Sun Club (Never got to see them, i was 21, this was my bday. Spent night throwing up in Batman taco bell cup. gr8)
12/3 George Thorogood- Symphony Hall
1/9 The Cult - ASU Activity Center
2/8 Faster Pussycat- Celebrity Theater
3/29 Caterwaul- The Asylum
4/6 Wild Child (Doors Tribute) - Rockers
6/27 Gordon Lightfoot- Gammage
8/3 Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads- Escape from NY tour- Irvine Meadows
11/6 Janes Addiction- Rockers
3/9 Red Kross- Asylum
1/31 Guns N Roses - Compton Terrace
6/7 Dickies-Mason Jar
6/10 Metallica- Somewhere
6/19 The Cure
8/13 Faster Pussycat - After the Gold Rush
10/18 Ramones- somewhere
3/10 Red Kross
3/15 Ramones
4/6 Dramarama
4/15 The Pretenders
7/27 Metallica
8/24 Lollapalooza
10/30 The Dickies
11/1 Green Day-Veteran's Memorial Coliseum
11/2 L7
11/13- Gwar/The Dickies
next up other stuff u don't care about.