Friday, September 01, 2006

k i hate mtv and the vma's

I don't know why I continue to watch awards shows. I like the oscars, but always end up watching grammys, emmys, and the mtv vma's.
I just get enraged during music award shows. 3/4 of the winners/ performers don't even play an instrument. As for hip hop, while there are a few artists I can tolerate, enough already. Why do these rap guys have to go out on stage with another rapper, are they scared to do it alone? It's just plain awful. Bring back Run DMC. Yet these guys make tons of money. Why? Because naive kids buy this crap. Now maybe I'm an old guy now, but when I was young I was introduced to bands, playing music. You know, guitars, drums, a bass, vocals... Lou Reed was right on this particular show when he said 'I'd like to see more Rock and Roll". Me too.
And every band on this show was an "Emo" band. I'm fairly sure you won't see "Panic at the Disco" releasing a double album in the next 2 years. These awards are for what's hot at the moment for 13 year olds. Ridiculous. And why do the Killers want to look like a bunch of porn actors now? I mean the seventies look is in but come on.
What a monumental waste of 3 hours, again. And Jack Black, you aren't funny. Give up.
While I'm at it you didn't do Carl Denham in King Kong well either. I do give u some props for hi fidelity (sp) and School of Rock.
Anyhoo. I hate MTV. And when's the last time you saw them actually play, I don't know, say, a music video?
And yet next year I'll watch them again.
In other news, Our twin pregnancy is such an emotional roller coaster, I don't know how people do this multiple times. With God's grace, things are going good, with a few scares that we hope go away. We are at 13 weeks. I will be in an asylum by March. I do my best to take care of Joanna because she is going through a lot.
September 11th is coming up. I'm a 9-11 junkie. I don't know why. Tragedy fascinates me. I need to know every detail. I have probably 35 different views of the plane hits/ collapse of the World Trade Center that I keep watching. I guess I keep rehashing it every year because I can't imagine myself being in the planes or the towers when they went down, but I try to. Weird I know. I just so remember that day, almost every detail. Once again I will get up early on Sept 11 and watch the names being read, I always do.