Saturday, October 08, 2005

well i am now 37

Doh! But I still act like I'm 12 so it really doesn't matter. I got the coolest epiphone tee shirt from my wife, who also blessed me with a digitech RP80 guitar processor, a what's her name de laurentis natalie portman lookalike on food network Giada? cookbook, Napolean Dynamite on dvd, and a pair of regular black converse hi tops. She's too good to me.
My friends went completely insane and all chipped in on a gibson les paul copy guitar. This thing is awesome. I can't believe they all did this for me. They are the best, most generous group of friends I know. Also included was a coffin case, and Betty, our bartender at the place we call home, gave me an original Gene Simmons guitar strap he used in the late seventies/ eighties.
Wow. Will never sell, but it's cool to have.
There's nothing like playing guitar with my friends, and even if we suck we have the best time. I lireally could do it all day. I helped a friend move today, and am now in total agony. Tomorrow morning I'm attempting to run a 5k for the race for the cure. I do it every year.
Can't wait to hop on my new guitar..