Monday, July 31, 2006

here's hoping August is a good month

July has reeked. I mean it had it's most wonderful moment, us pregnant with twins, but also had ugly, depressing moments. Piewacket having to be put down, a miscarriage scare, constant worry and stress. We hope August is better. We'll just give August up to God and let him handle it.
Feeling some sorrow, guilt, over piewacket. It's been 3 weeks and tonight I got hit. Looking at pictures of your pet you put down three weeks ago will stir that up. Note to self.
I just wonder what might have been if we had resorted to giving him daily fluid injections. I mean, he could be right now going to the vet and having the same thing I did to him 3 weeks ago but we would have had him for another few weeks. But, then again, how would his life been? That's the agonizing part of this. What if??
Still I know he's pain free and hangin with Ann up there somewhere, beggin for food.
Miss the booger. A lot.


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