Monday, July 24, 2006

remembering the good old days

For some reason today I am thinking about my old band, and the kinda music scene that was going on here in the early 90’s. I don’t know how it’s done today, but our band, The Customers, used to just go to these small dives and get gigs. No auditions, nothing. I remember playing some place in downtown phoenix, 3 flights up from the downtown deli, to a bunch of wanna be skinheads. We used to play with
an all girl band, The Sugarbabies. We’d draw about 12-15 people when we were “touring” together ;)
The best times were playing at the Sun Club in Tempe, and The Silver Dollar Club in Downtown Phoenix. These places are long gone, but It was fun while it lasted. Heck we even finally played the Mason Jar in another band I was in. You knew you hit it big when you got a Monday night gig at the Mason Jar;)
Hollywood Alley is still around, although Our current band will never play there, unless they want to clear out the place.
Last I heard from our singer in the Customers, was that he was in a band called Death takes a Holiday. Haven’t heard or seen em since.
I have no point to this, I’m just reminiscing.
In other news I still miss my cat and we are almost 8 weeks preggers with twins and I’m trying not to worry so much.


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