Monday, July 10, 2006

good news/bad news

Well, been a long time.
We are in the new house, still have a lot of stuff to do..
We are almost 6 weeks pregnant with twins! We feel so blessed, it is such a miracle!
I still have not comprehended this, but I will!
I hope it's a boy and a girl, that would rule. We are now just praying for a long
and healthy pregnancy.
On a sad note, I had to put our cat that I got 17 years ago, to sleep. He had been teetering on and off with renal failure (kidneys) and the last couple of days, I knew it was time. We could have tried shooting him up with fluids, but what kind of life is that. I wanted him to go with dignity. And he did.
Piewacket Polling 1989-2006. I was there as they did the deed, and I was glad I was. I wanted him to know I was there, I didn't want the last person he saw to be a stranger.
I was fine throughout the whole thing, he seemed so peaceful, just calm, no pain, and bam.
That was it. This is the hardest thing I've had to do, but I was strong. Until I got out of the vet's office. Strangely some friends of mine had to put their cat Erlikk to sleep just last wednesday.
So I've had enough with euthanasia week.
We loved Piewacket, and he loved us.He WAS, and i know everybody thinks theirs is, the best cat in the world. I already miss him.


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