Thursday, April 13, 2006

apparently moving soon

which is gr8, yet i do kinda like this walking to work at 8:55 to be there at nine thing. ah well
Living here at the met just makes me appreciate living in a house even more, maybe this was a test. Definitely humbles you.
Going to Heart on May 14th- front row , thanks to a friend I know- it should be awesome.
I need to get a guitar and an amp fixed here while I am still downtown.
Don't get me wrong, I am anxious to move, yet if it took a while longer I wouldn't be sad.
Although we do miss the King Bed.
I really don't know how people sleep on a queen..
summer's on it's way, I'm already hot. I hate it when it gets above 80.
Why do I live here again?
Easter is Sunday, Good Friday tomorrow- Might watch The Passion of the Christ again as a reminder of what Jesus did for us.
Anyhoo signing off
GO SUNS~~~!!!!!