Friday, August 25, 2006

k stuck watchin dbacks game

so i'm about ready to turn in when i say to myself, gee how are the dbacks doin?
I'm not the #1 fan or anything, but I'm behind them. I was at game 7 when they won the world series, and to be at at a game 7, and win, that's a moment few have.
Anyway, they are playin the dodgers and in the top of the 14th tied 7-7.
so now i have to watch. I always get stuck watchin the late games.

may update who won, may not.

stuff that bugs me

people not paying attention driving w/ cell phones
movie theaters-kicked chairs, yapping, crinkly wrappers, cell phones
church- yapping, talking during communion, recently-kicked chair
guys whizzing past you, only to end up at the same stoplight you reach 3 mins later.
traffic, especially back ups for a change of tire viewing.
people who don't say thx for holding a door open
guys waiting in the ER for their friend, throwing fbombs every other word.
slow walkers i get stuck behind.
giant peple with no apparent handicaps, in motorized shopping carts, filling the cart with cheetos and soda.
walmart customers after 6am
dogs next door barking all night
girls who really don't have the belly shirt look but wear them anyway.
Etiquette ignorance (sp?)
more to come.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

found a bunch of calendars 88-94

Apparently at work back in the day I kept a record of what I was doing from 1988 - 1994
Weird. Weird to see how life changes. This will bore most people but I want a personal record.
I will list by category. The first, Concerts I went to from 88-94.
Wow. Did I go to a lot of shows.
2/7 Aerosmith, Dokken -Veteran's Memorial Coliseum
2/12 Guns N Roses- Celebrity Theater
2/14 Guns N Roses- Celbrity Theater-This one they cancelled, A BIG RIOT. I had 2nd row..
3/22 L.A. Guns - Studio West ?
4/6 Whitesnake, Great White -Compton Terrace
6/9 Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction- Mason Jar
7/9 Guns N Roses-somewhere
7/10 Guns N Roses- same place
7/15 Smashed Gladys
9/1 Smashed Gladys-again?
9/12 Aerosmith, Guns N Roses -Compton Terrace
10/6 Judas Priest- Compton Terrace
10/15 Precious Metal - Mason Jar- We were underage, still got in, met band, have pics, who cares
10/22 Cheap Trick at the fair
12/4 Metallica -Veteran's Memorial Coliseum
5/23 Precious Metal (all girl band, met them, very cool)
9/10 Metallica- Compton Terrace
9/29 Faster Pussycat, Dangerous Toys - Big Surf, Yep Big Surf.
10/5 L7 -Sun Club (Never got to see them, i was 21, this was my bday. Spent night throwing up in Batman taco bell cup. gr8)
12/3 George Thorogood- Symphony Hall
1/9 The Cult - ASU Activity Center
2/8 Faster Pussycat- Celebrity Theater
3/29 Caterwaul- The Asylum
4/6 Wild Child (Doors Tribute) - Rockers
6/27 Gordon Lightfoot- Gammage
8/3 Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads- Escape from NY tour- Irvine Meadows
11/6 Janes Addiction- Rockers
3/9 Red Kross- Asylum
1/31 Guns N Roses - Compton Terrace
6/7 Dickies-Mason Jar
6/10 Metallica- Somewhere
6/19 The Cure
8/13 Faster Pussycat - After the Gold Rush
10/18 Ramones- somewhere
3/10 Red Kross
3/15 Ramones
4/6 Dramarama
4/15 The Pretenders
7/27 Metallica
8/24 Lollapalooza
10/30 The Dickies
11/1 Green Day-Veteran's Memorial Coliseum
11/2 L7
11/13- Gwar/The Dickies
next up other stuff u don't care about.

Monday, August 07, 2006

geez louise

So I'm doin fine, it's a sunday night, and I'm tryin to sleep and all of a sudden I start thinking about Piewacket. It's been a month, and tonight it hit me hard.
I guess i've been so stressed about our twin pregnancy so much I haven't had the time to grieve. Well tonight I obviously did. It's all a culmination (is that a word?) of everything I guess.
I miss him so much. I forget all the little things, then they come back to me in waves.
I wanna see him snugglin again with mom, I guess I miss that the most.
Things are good though, I'm hoping every week with the grace of God things are ok.
Funny how you can miss a cat, but come on now, I've had him 17 years.
I love the nance, she's 18, startin to get a little senile, started when wacket was gone.
Maybe he's possessed her? ;)
I keep feelin guilty about it, when I put hm to sleep, like maybe I didn't give him more of a chance. Then I realize it would have just been a matter of time.
It still hurts though.
I miss u buddy. We did hear ya the other day though, feel free to come on and make your presence known again.
gahh, life is good, but sad, and worried, but glad.
Big smooch to you wacket on this August 6th night.