Monday, January 30, 2006

of selling houses to get into new ones.

Well this is nuts, u think the market's cool and you're going to sell in no time so u can get a new house. WRONG. we missed the boat by about 3 months, but it looks like we do have an offer...
This is all a chess match. It sucks. In other news, learnin some rockabilly, it's freakin hard.
But I'm learnin, it's cool, hard, but cool.
so anyhoo, stressed, but god will handle it, turn it over to him..
He handles it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

of guitars and well, I dunno

Ok so my replacement guitar for the one I got that was broken arrived Monday and I admit I was terrified to open the box... But it was fine. Only now it buzzes. So I take it into basically my guitar tech, Tony, from Mojo Music (, and he sets it up and no buzz. I get it home it buzzes, yet a cool buzz, like bad distortion. So I adjust the bridge a little and the buzz eases up but I am totally expecting it to come back.
What does all this mean? I am keeping the guitar, It took me long enough to get a replacement, so sending it back is out of the question, and by golly, I think with enough perserverance I can fix the thing.
So I was going to practice tonight but instead watched "Freeway" again, with Reese Witherspoon. She is starting to grow on me as an actress. I loved her in Walk the Line, which by the way, go see. I also shamefully admit I loved her in that movie last year where she played a ghost.
Ok so I can like chick flicks, so what. So what if Hugh Grant plays the same role everytime, it's funny Dammit!
well, onto other things like sleep.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

new year, and I'm already sick

ill that is, I've been trying really hard to keep myself from getting sick, then whammo, it hit me like a truck. Luckily I had the brains to go home from work and sleep it off, instead of staying there watching my computer go to screen saver mode. I wanted to get better for wednesday for our "pretend Band" practice. Which went well, although I think I was still feeling the effects of my ebola and didn't get into it. Plus I've had a real bad guitar week. My Jay Turser Les Paul copy, something isn't working right with the treble pickup switch, that's been at the shop for more than a week, and a guitar I got for Christmas from my "I don't know how she does it when she says I have too many guitars and yet still buys me one cause she knows it's all I want now" wife was broken and had to be sent back. Still waiting on that one.
We are putting our house up on the market this week, so we can have enough $ to put down on our new house which should be ready in March. I hope we can sell it for what we need to, we're really not being over greedy, so hopefully it will sell.
My wife just had an operation that could increase our chances for having a baby, so that's a good thing, she's on vicodin right now and probably asleep.
I'm really getting into guitar a lot, but I have noticed that if you don't challenge yourself and try something new, whether it be a song, a riff, new scale, or whatever, you keep playing the same things and it gets old. Currently I'm trying to master the blues scale, then some chuck berry licks, and yet more Zeppelin. There are so many new chords you can learn by playing any Zeppelin acoustic songs it's crazy.
Saw King Kong, I loved it, but alas, still not as good as my favorite movie of all time, the 1933 version. And yes I wept... I always do at the original.
No real big movies I'm looking forward to, everything now seems to be a remake. I have a script I'm finally dabbling in, if I can rip myself away from music for a moment I may get a page or two written...
Is it me or is it way sexy when Meg White of the White Stripes Drums??
Things I will buy this year:
A new Vox amplifier, or get my Carvin 2X12 fixed
A Epiphone Les Paul Ultra (if Nancy Wilson endorsed it I'd buy poop flavored gum)
Eraserhead on dvd (to finally see what the fuss was)
hmmm, I'm not being that greedy. Well It will take a while to save up for the Les Paul, so..
One thing I noticed today while waiting in the outpatient surgery waiting room, if u look like you're not really concerned, and just casually read a book like you're waiting for a plane, I think it eases others minds. I did that today, and it seemed that worried kin kind of relaxed after they saw me.. Or maybe That's what I'd like to think, at least.