Monday, August 07, 2006

geez louise

So I'm doin fine, it's a sunday night, and I'm tryin to sleep and all of a sudden I start thinking about Piewacket. It's been a month, and tonight it hit me hard.
I guess i've been so stressed about our twin pregnancy so much I haven't had the time to grieve. Well tonight I obviously did. It's all a culmination (is that a word?) of everything I guess.
I miss him so much. I forget all the little things, then they come back to me in waves.
I wanna see him snugglin again with mom, I guess I miss that the most.
Things are good though, I'm hoping every week with the grace of God things are ok.
Funny how you can miss a cat, but come on now, I've had him 17 years.
I love the nance, she's 18, startin to get a little senile, started when wacket was gone.
Maybe he's possessed her? ;)
I keep feelin guilty about it, when I put hm to sleep, like maybe I didn't give him more of a chance. Then I realize it would have just been a matter of time.
It still hurts though.
I miss u buddy. We did hear ya the other day though, feel free to come on and make your presence known again.
gahh, life is good, but sad, and worried, but glad.
Big smooch to you wacket on this August 6th night.


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