Tuesday, May 23, 2006

a long time no post

Okay we are in the new house! Now we have so much work ahead of us.. doh! We still have our apt downtown for a mo, which i hope to use as a practice place. Moving sucks, but not having the house set up to put stuff away also stinks. In time.
K Suns are in the western conference finals again! Funny thing is the beginning of the season everyone wrote the suns off, I thought we would still be good. And we are. What an amazing feat, playing without Stoudemire, Kurt Thomas, and on our way to Dallas. I love this team, always have, always will. U have to stick with them and believe. I'm always the eternal optimist I guess.
Saw Heart on May 14th, Nancy threw me a pic, I threw her one of mine. They were so good, always wish I could recapture the feeling when I'm there. She is such a good guitar player, it makes me sick.
It's getting hot out. I hate summer.