Tuesday, December 26, 2006

been a while..again

so it's day after Christmas and all I can think is how grateful I am our twins are still in utero and not delivered prematurely. At 25 weeks we learned that the girl had a umbilical cord issue where she had absent flow. Basically not getting as much nutrients, etc, blood flow.
So the Dr. had us all worried we were going to deliver at 27 weeks. If not earlier.
Well by the grace of God we are at 30 weeks tomorrow and we hope she defies the critics and we can go 32 or more. It is a nerve wracking mess. Every 4 days they check, and it is a heart attack each time, but lessening a little now that we are at least past 27 weeks. She needs to grow better however. Joanna is huge, which is fine, she goes to a jacuzzi 2 times a day to help with the blood flow issues. So we are grateful this Christmas to still have em cooking.My friend Barry married his fiance' Ce'cile this last friday, I couldn't go but I hope they are very happy together. And my friend Carlos and his lovely wife gave birth to a son. To think we are actually going to have to be responsible now is strange. Carlos and I have never been the type, but now we have to. It will be an experience.
The Bats are kind of on hiatus for now until this baby thing gets better. We will probably play after March or so.
I am a stressed out mess, but it will all be worth it.
Still miss the cats, it's weird without them.


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