Friday, August 25, 2006

stuff that bugs me

people not paying attention driving w/ cell phones
movie theaters-kicked chairs, yapping, crinkly wrappers, cell phones
church- yapping, talking during communion, recently-kicked chair
guys whizzing past you, only to end up at the same stoplight you reach 3 mins later.
traffic, especially back ups for a change of tire viewing.
people who don't say thx for holding a door open
guys waiting in the ER for their friend, throwing fbombs every other word.
slow walkers i get stuck behind.
giant peple with no apparent handicaps, in motorized shopping carts, filling the cart with cheetos and soda.
walmart customers after 6am
dogs next door barking all night
girls who really don't have the belly shirt look but wear them anyway.
Etiquette ignorance (sp?)
more to come.


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