Thursday, August 17, 2006

found a bunch of calendars 88-94

Apparently at work back in the day I kept a record of what I was doing from 1988 - 1994
Weird. Weird to see how life changes. This will bore most people but I want a personal record.
I will list by category. The first, Concerts I went to from 88-94.
Wow. Did I go to a lot of shows.
2/7 Aerosmith, Dokken -Veteran's Memorial Coliseum
2/12 Guns N Roses- Celebrity Theater
2/14 Guns N Roses- Celbrity Theater-This one they cancelled, A BIG RIOT. I had 2nd row..
3/22 L.A. Guns - Studio West ?
4/6 Whitesnake, Great White -Compton Terrace
6/9 Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction- Mason Jar
7/9 Guns N Roses-somewhere
7/10 Guns N Roses- same place
7/15 Smashed Gladys
9/1 Smashed Gladys-again?
9/12 Aerosmith, Guns N Roses -Compton Terrace
10/6 Judas Priest- Compton Terrace
10/15 Precious Metal - Mason Jar- We were underage, still got in, met band, have pics, who cares
10/22 Cheap Trick at the fair
12/4 Metallica -Veteran's Memorial Coliseum
5/23 Precious Metal (all girl band, met them, very cool)
9/10 Metallica- Compton Terrace
9/29 Faster Pussycat, Dangerous Toys - Big Surf, Yep Big Surf.
10/5 L7 -Sun Club (Never got to see them, i was 21, this was my bday. Spent night throwing up in Batman taco bell cup. gr8)
12/3 George Thorogood- Symphony Hall
1/9 The Cult - ASU Activity Center
2/8 Faster Pussycat- Celebrity Theater
3/29 Caterwaul- The Asylum
4/6 Wild Child (Doors Tribute) - Rockers
6/27 Gordon Lightfoot- Gammage
8/3 Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads- Escape from NY tour- Irvine Meadows
11/6 Janes Addiction- Rockers
3/9 Red Kross- Asylum
1/31 Guns N Roses - Compton Terrace
6/7 Dickies-Mason Jar
6/10 Metallica- Somewhere
6/19 The Cure
8/13 Faster Pussycat - After the Gold Rush
10/18 Ramones- somewhere
3/10 Red Kross
3/15 Ramones
4/6 Dramarama
4/15 The Pretenders
7/27 Metallica
8/24 Lollapalooza
10/30 The Dickies
11/1 Green Day-Veteran's Memorial Coliseum
11/2 L7
11/13- Gwar/The Dickies
next up other stuff u don't care about.


Blogger Randy said...

I saw a lot of these same shows.
Do you know who opened for the following bands?:
09/10/89 Metallica
01/09/90 The Cult
02/08/90 Faster Pussycat

June 7, 2011 at 12:32 PM  

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