Monday, October 09, 2006

an ode to nance, our last cat for a while

Well Another bad weekend.
Actually it was okay except for Friday, we had to put down our last furry friend.
Nance (Ann’s sister) was 18, she had been getting a litttle deranged since piewacket died, and she got really sick Wednesday on. She had the same signs that wacket had only she kept throwing up. Friday morning when I saw her laying in her litter box I knew it was time.
I feel somewhat numbed, because I just had to do this 3 mos. ago with Wacket.
Another teary trip to the vet, another sedation, then she was gone. Only she twitched a little afterwards, reflexes, or she was putting up a fight. Our house seems real empty now, soon it will have a couple babies, but it’s real quiet.
Friday night was cool, the Plastic Flappybats played artwalk again, and we did pretty good. It got my mind off of things for sure.
Saturday was no fun though, I tossed the litterbox, food bowls, away.
We will get another cat someday, but not right now.
I miss her, as well as Ann, and the Wack.
They were my kids for 18 years, a symbol of my independence, a responsibility I carried through on for a long time. I remember the day I got Ann and Nancy. Two little black and white kittens sitting in a pet store, scared to death. I knew I couldn’t take just one.
Nance, I love u sweety. We miss u.
I’ll remember
How skittish you were.
How you finally grew to accept wacket as yer brother,
and how u two would lay next to each other
Belly Rubs.
How u’d kiss me with yer stinky breath.
The Whisker tickles
Yer success in not going to the vet for 18 years.
Naps with you on the guest bed.
How u always would make us nap when we were in the bedroom.
How you’d meow when looking at lizards out the window.
The first kiss u gave Mom.
I miss u. It’s lonely without u guys.