Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Watched a great movie yesterday- Freeway

I picked it up in the walmart $5.50 bin a while ago and finally watched it. What a great dark comedy! Reese Witherspoon's in it, and man is she wickedly foul in it! Great acting and some dark funny moments. I would give the plot away, but I don't want to...

Things I'm looking forward to:

April 1st - My band, the Plastic Flappybats play downtown
April 4th - Opening day for the diamondbacks!
June -My wife and I go to chicago, and a cubs game at wrigley....
July - Wifey's 30th bday and we later in the month we may go see Heart in San Diego.
Aug-Oct- I hope to go on a shark cage dive
December -KING KONG!!!

ok so it's been a while....

What's been happening? Well, back in february I got to go see one of my favorite musicians, Paul Westerberg, formerly of the replacements. I hadn't seen him since 1993, the last time he played anywhere in Arizona, and it was a great show at the Marquee in Tempe. Afterwards, myself and a bunch of friends all got autographs and got to meet him. The next day we did a road trip to Anaheim to see him play at the House of Blues, and again got to meet him. Both shows were great but I think I liked the Marquee better. We were all in the front row, and him and his band sounded great. Here are some pics from after the tempe show
He probably will never tour again so it was great to see him twice...