Sunday, November 20, 2005

the following artists need new albums

yes, I say albums. I'm old now, remember...
the following artists need new albums...
Paul Westerberg
The Distillers
Anna Nalick
The Donnas
Butterfly Boucher
If you haven't yet, check out Nancy Wilson's acoustic score for Elizabethtown, It's freaking amazing. I hope it's nominated for best score for a motion picture. It is truly special.
Did I mention I hate cell phones?
I don't own one, but I hate them. I will go off on them in another post, soon.

yep, Still 37....

Not much happening right now. The holidays and the stress are upon us. Our new house may be ready in March, we're hoping and praying that our current house will sell. I think she'll go on the market Jan 1st.
KING KONG (1933) finally arrives on dvd Tuesday and I can't wait. This is my all time favorite movie.
Been working on guitar every day, trying to learn a mix of chords, songs, and scales. My favorite guitarists would have to be:
Nancy Wilson (heart)
Jimmy Page
Johnny Ramone
Allison Robertson (the Donnas)
Paul Westerberg