Monday, March 20, 2006

mon march 20, 4:40 AM

I can't sleep. It usually happens on Sundays because my mind just keeps racing with what to do in the coming week. Plus the felines like to get up early. Brats. We both kinda like living downtown, it'd be cool to have the house, then a loft downtown for like weekends. I'm looking forward to the house, it'll be fun, but I must admit I hope it's delayed a little longer.
Working on some new rockabilly songs, this stuff is hard. All of my guitars except 2 have been set up properly and I still need to get my huge amp fixed.
Boy am I eating bad. I need to eat healthier, I am actually growing to like asparagus. Took me a year.
Heart is coming May 14th.. I'm psyched.
K- back to attempt sleep.
I hate Mondays.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

We are downtown now for a bit

Moving sucks. But we are out of our house and into an apt for a bit. For me it's gr8 because I can literally walk to work. Joanna's drive isn't too horrid because she is against traffic either way.
It's an adjustment, but it will be ok.
It's sad leaving the first house we bought, It's a dang nice house, that's for sure. Our new house will be cool though. We finally dove into the 20th century and got cell phones. That's weird.
Our tortoise is stayin with my sister in Chandler until we are in the new place.
Well, time for some guitar..